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Hearing "new work"

Dear friends,

we always share the things that positively inspire and move us.
Here comes a Podcast, we totally recommend - hosted and performed by two “Game Changers” on the topic of “new work”. Enjoy hearing !

Liebe Freunde,

wir teilen regelmäßig die Themen, die uns gerade positiv inspirieren und bewegen.
Dazu möchten wir gern einen Podcast empfehlen, der von zwei echten “Game Changern” zum Thema “New Work” gehostet wird. Hört da mal rein !

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Alexa, how does brand experience work ?

This is a perfect example for brand experience an even brand building through audio and an entertaining interaction concept. The Brand Voice of Stubbs is perfectly interacting with the Alexa Voice - a really charming brand experience. Chapeau !

Anyone out there, wanting us to beat that :-) ?

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